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K Comer Thermal Shipping Label Printer 4x6 [Upgraded] -150mm/s, USB High Speed Label Printer Maker Writer Machine for Barcodes, Labels

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✔ COST SAVING : This shipping label printer use direct thermal technology to print, no printer ink, toner or ribbon is needed.Shipping label printer suitable for most direct thermal labels, no special labels are required. K COMER exclusive label software is also presented, which not only allows you to save the cost of ink and other suppliers, but also saves the cost of purchasing label software. K COMER shipping label printer is an good investment

✔150mm/s HIGH-SPEED : The print head made of K COMER special high temperature resistant material has 15 invention patents, label printer which can perfectly solve the problems of heat generation and unstable work. It can find the best balance between clarity and speed. The speed of 150mm/s is almost twice that of previous competitors. After optimization, K COMER 203dpi resolution can be clearer than the 203dpi resolution of the same level printer on the market.

✔ HIGH EFFICIENCY/STABILITY : COMER shipping label printer can automatically capture the label and send it to the printer. This shipping label printer supports labels from 1.57 inches to 4.1 inches wide. We have added a counterweight inside the shipping label printer. By increasing the weight to minimize print unclear and misalignment problems caused by jitter during high-speed printing, the performance of the K COMER shipping label printer will be further improved with each iteration.

✔COMPATIBILITY : COMER Thermal shipping label printer compatible with both Windows (7 and newer) and Mac (10.11 and newer) devices. Working Well with all major shipping and sales platforms Labeling _like Shopify, Etsy, UPS,eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, Fedex, USPS,ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Shippo,Ordoro,etc.

✔QUALITY ASSURANCE : Every label printer shipped by COMER will be inspected before leaving the factory to ensure that the shipping label printer you buy is the ideal shipping label printer, and it supports 30-day no-reason refund and 1years quality assurance. COMER shipping label printer has professional technical support. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, please feel free to contact us, we can provide you with online consultation and remote installation services

RX106F is Powerful Thermal Shipping Label Printer-(Label Printer is professional only if it is made of special high temperature resistant materials )


  • For many years, "K COMER" has been committed to developing high-efficiency, high-resolution thermal shipping label printers, RX106F shipping label printer is our latest technology!!
  • It uses a speed balancer and a 300dpi print head. Through the technology of automatically adjusting the resolution, it can achieve a speed of 150mm/s while providing a resolution of 203dpi. Because of this setting,RX106F almost reaches 250dpi, which makes RX106F stand out from market and become one of the most durable and stable shipping label printer!!
  • RX106F Shipping label printer has already gained a lot of loyal users offline and has achieved success, so we put it on online sales for the first time, bringing this benefit to more entrepreneurs!!!
  • "K COMER" will focus on developing more efficient shipping label printer models, so that each logistics and business department can use efficient label printers, increase work efficiency, and let K COMER help you grow quickly!!

RX106F label printer for Shipping/Logistics/Warehouse/Supermarket

K COMER High Speed Direct Thermal Label Heavy-Duty Shipping Label Printer

Make working from home more convenient


  • Compatibility : This is a powerful thermal label printer, compatible with all logistics platforms!!
  • Practicality : This label printer life span of 500,000 meters is enough to support everything you need to start a business!!
  • Thermal : Use any direct thermal label (including ones provided by UPS and Uline) to print high-quality bar codes and shipping labels without using any ink
  • Stability : K Comer label printer Make the printer work more stably by increasing heat dissipation and weight, Stop jitter